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Sell VPS servers, with no upfront hardware cost.

Do you want to start and provide VPS servers to your clients? Our fully-automated VPS reseller platform has you covered.

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Our VPS Reseller Cloud Platform

The FyfeWeb VPS Reseller service allow you to build high quality cloud servers that are much more powerful than traditional VPS hosting offered by most hosting providers.

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Total SSD Storage

256GB 384GB 512GB

Allocated Memory (RAM)

16GB 32GB 64GB

Total CPU Cores

6 Cores 12 Cores 18 Cores

Total VPS Slots

5 Servers 10 Servers 15 Servers

Included Bandwidth

10TB 20TB 30TB

Included IPv4 Addresses

5 IPs 10 IPs 15 IPs

Number of Customers

5 Customers 10 Customers 15 Customers

Fully automated provisioning with WHMCS integration

You can use WHMCS, the leading web hosting automation platform, to provision VPS servers quickly and efficiently. Your customers can login and manage their service with ease.

  • Provision, suspend and terminate servers
  • Create your own VPS plans with ease
  • Customers can manage their own servers
  • Automatic creation of VPS servers
  • Realtime statistcs of server usage

Simple yet intuitive VPS control panel

Incredible Features

We use virtualizor, which is a powerful web based VPS control panel where a user can deploy and manage VPS machines on servers with a single click. It also provides complete statistics for your VMs, including I/O, network, disk usage and bandwidth.

Ready Made OS Templates

Virtualizor saves you time and effort by providing you with ready made OS templates. This means no more building up the entire VPS from scratch using ISO files. Just a few clicks, and the desired OS template is downloaded and automatically installed on your VPS.

Server Overview and Plans

With our control panel, you can see an overview of all your servers in one place. Further to this, you can also see disk and bandwidth usage per server - and check the limits that you've put on those in your custom VPS plan.

Unrivalled Performance. Endless Opportunities.

Our VPS reseller packages are fully customisable, and if you outgrow your VPS reseller package, we can help you migrate to your own dedicated server - all free of charge. It's the perfect way to build your host, and is perfectly complimented by our cPanel reseller services too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we've included some of the frequently asked questions we get. Still have further questions that need clarification? Get in touch, we'd be more than happy to help.

There's a few things you need to keep in mind. Although you can fully control and deploy VPS servers on the reseller - you don't have root access to the dedicated server and we control the amount of resources you get on the reseller plan - it's like a resource pool, and you can make your own plans. If you want more control, or your own whole server entirely, just let us know and we can sort one for you.

Sometimes we can, it just depends on what level of access you had on your old provider. It does vary from case to case, so please get in touch and we'll be able to check this for you.

You can upgrade your VPS reseller plan at any time, to the next tier. After that - we can always look at doing a custom package or perhaps even moving you to your own dedicated server that has the VPS control panel pre-installed with full root access. Our VPS reseller products are a great starting point for any hosting provider that doesn't want to make the upfront investment in their own hardware.

We look after the VPS hypervisor nodes in the data centre, software, any backups and hardware resources. We also look after the VPS control panel, and assign resources to your account. We do not manage your VPS servers themselves, nor provide support to your customers - this is something you'll have to do.