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Your Own VPS, Powered by KVM Virtualisation.

Our privately owned infrastructure delivers some of the best cloud services in the industry - running on cutting-edge enterprise hypervisor nodes.

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Your Virtual Private Server will be provisioned and instantly activated on the FyfeWeb cloud, which provides cutting-edge performance on enterprise hardware.

VCPU Memory (RAM) CPU Power SSD Storage Performance Network Speed Price
2 vCPU 4GB 3.6GHz2 cores 64GB

£9.99/month + 1x IPv4 Address

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4 vCPU 6GB 3.6GHz4 cores 72GB

£12.99/month + 1x IPv4 Address

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6 vCPU 8GB 3.6GHz6 cores 92GB

£16.99/month + 1x IPv4 Address

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8 vCPU 10GB 3.6GHz8 cores 128GB

£22.99/month + 1x IPv4 Address

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8 vCPU 12GB 3.6GHz8 cores 148GB

£25.99/month + 1x IPv4 Address

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8 vCPU 14GB 3.6GHz8 cores 172GB

£29.99/month + 1x IPv4 Address

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8 vCPU 16GB 3.6GHz8 cores 192GB

£34.99/month + 1x IPv4 Address

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8 vCPU 18GB 3.6GHz8 cores 212GB

£39.99/month + 1x IPv4 Address

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8 vCPU 24GB 3.6GHz8 cores 256GB

£47.99/month + 1x IPv4 Address

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High-performance VPS Hosting

FyfeWeb VPS servers are provided with full root and administrative access, and we have options for either pre-built packages or custom packages.

SSD Disk Drives

All of our hypervisors utilise enterprise-class SSDs in a RAID configuration. Further to this, we also have battery-backed caches, which helps keep disk latency and I/O delay to a minimum.

10 Gb/s Network

Our VPS platform is connected to our national 10Gbps+ UK core network, which provides high-capacity, low-latency and extremely fast internet connectivity to your Virtual Private Server.

DDoS Protection

All VPS servers are protected from volumetric DDoS attacks at the network edge, thanks to extensive partnerships with world-class Tier 1 ISPs and upstream DDoS mitigation filtering providers.

Dedicated IPs

All of our VPS servers come included with 1x IPv4 address free of charge. If required, we can add more than one IP address to your server - just get in touch with our support team and we'd be happy to help.

Multiple Locations

Our VPS hosting servers run on our own hypervisor nodes in data centres across the UK. If you need multiple VPS servers but based across different nodes for redundancy, we're happy to accommodate.

Money-back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our VPS hosting services, we'll always try and put things right. However, if you're still not satisfied, we're more than happy to refund you within 48 hours. Terms and conditions apply.

Available Operating Systems

We support all major operating systems. Require a custom OS? No problem. You can also upload your own ISO and install from that.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we've included some of the frequently asked questions we get. Still have further questions that need clarification? Get in touch, we'd be more than happy to help.

You can upgrade your VPS server at any point in time without data loss. All you need to do is open a ticket, we'll then invoice for the new server (just the price difference) and will then commence the upgrade. Please note there would be a short downtime of 5 minutes if you upgraded, because you'd have to power off the server.

Yes, we can do custom VPS plans, and even VPS reseller plans. However, if you need 1TB SSD storage for example - it would probably be cheaper and make more sense financially to get a dedicated server from us instead. Contact us for more information regarding this.

We do provide free monthly off-site backups of the whole VPS installation, and can restore these upon request. However, we'd always recommend you take your own backups of files on the server for quicker restoration.

We don't restrict what ports you can have open on our network. You can open ports on Windows Firewall for Windows machines, or iptables on Linux machines yourself. If you need any help with this, we'd be happy to assist.