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Our Data Centres & Network

FyfeWeb maintains presence in geographically-diverse Data Centres around the UK, with presence in over 6 data centres in London, West Midlands, and Newcastle. Each data centre maintains redundancy and resilience at each level, and are fully accredited and compliant with Tier III+ standards, ISO 27001 & 9001.

High-speed MPLS Core Network

FyfeWeb utilises a high-speed MPLS enabled network spanning multiple UK datacentres, designed for redundancy, speed, and security. All of our Points of Presence have multiple failover routes to the internet with all intersite connections at a minimum of 10Gb/s. We utilise the latest Juniper MX routers at the edge of our network, directly connected to Juniper EX series core switches. Our entire network is also multi-homed, providing the utmost redundancy and reliability.


Carrier Neutral & Resilient

We also utilise multiple 10Gb/s+ uplinks to some of the best Tier 1 transit providers, which include GTT, Arelion (Telia Carrier), Zayo, Hurricane Electric, VeloxServ and NTT. Further to this, peering at the London Internet Exchange is utilised with other providers, which include Microsoft, Amazon, BT, Google, and Cloudflare. This effectively means that we have the best available routes and minimal latency when sending and receiving traffic to other ISP core networks. Furthermore, the unique blend of transit providers allows us to deliver low-latency links to the EMEA, USA and beyond

Data Centre Excellence

Data Centres we use are designed, engineered and built to provide peace-of-mind for our customers, based upon four strategic attributes: security, performance, flexibility and scalability. Our data centres provide the latest in data centre design, standards and technologies. We and our partners draw on years of experience and training to identify and specify solutions for the highly available, secure and scalable data centers.


Dual-fed Substation, N+1 UPS Protection & N+1 Backup Generator Power Protection


High capacity N+1 Hybrid CRAC with enclosed cold aisle containment

Fire Detection & Supression

Fire and smoke detection and FM200 fire extinguishing gases installed throughout

Security Protection

24/7 CCTV & ANPR Cameras, Enhanced Proximity Access Control & more

Pre-Approved Clearance

ID Checks & Clearance is required in order to gain access to one of our Data Centres

Facilities & Amenities

Free Parking, WiFi, Refreshments, Workbenches and on-site Meeting Rooms.

Want to learn more?

Visit our blog to learn more about our data centre network and infrastructure. We post a variety of content, ranging from network upgrades to other infrastructure improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we've included some of the frequently asked questions we get. Still have further questions that need clarification? Get in touch, we'd be more than happy to help.

FyfeWeb privately owns all server and network infrastructure located in multiple UK-based data centres. In order to build a robust and reliable network, we utilise cutting-edge data centre colocation services with our own private racks in caged areas, located in the best-connected facilities.

Absolutely. If you want to have a tour of any of our data centres, get in touch with us, and we'd love to help you out. It would also be great to meet you in person - and show you what we do here at FyfeWeb.

Ultimately, we want full end-to-end control of the entire hosting product stack. Further to this, FyfeWeb has evolved into a service provider, providing dedicated servers and colocation services for customers to use.

Our data centres are very well connected. All of them are carrier neutral, meaning any ISP or provider can make the facility a PoP, and sell bandwidth to other customers within the facility. Each data centre has numerous fibre routes provided by carriers such as Virgin, OpenReach, Zayo and CityFibre.