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Our Network

FyfeWeb operates a high-capacity BGP enabled network, which is capable of carrying traffic for thousands of customers at any given moment, and has enough headroom to cope with any traffic spikes from product launches, advertising or online-gaming. We continually reinvest into our network to ensure it's futureproofed, as well as to increase reliability and performance.

High-speed MPLS Network

FyfeWeb operates a high-speed network spanning multiple UK datacentres, designed for redundancy, speed, and security. All of our Points of Presence have multiple failover routes to the internet, with all intersite connections at a minimum of 10Gb/s. We utilise the latest Juniper MX routers at the edge of our network, directly connected to Juniper EX/QFX core switches. Our network has been designed from the ground up to provide the utmost levels of performance and reliability.


Carrier Neutral & Resilient

We also utilise multiple 10Gb/s+ uplinks to some of the best Tier 1 transit providers, which include GTT and Lumen. Further to this, we’re present on various internet exchanges in London, and have direct peering arrangements with Sky Broadband, Cloudflare, Microsoft, Hurricane Electric and hundreds of other peers. This effectively means that we have the best available routes and minimal latency when sending and receiving traffic to other networks. Furthermore, the unique blend of transit providers allows us to deliver low-latency links to the EMEA, USA and beyond.

Global Connections. Global Connectivity.

Our UK-based datacentres are connected to our resilient 100Gbps+ UK core network, with the best routing technologies, resilient peering & transit, ensuring fast content delivery & minimal latency for users around the globe. As well as our core-level intelligent anti-DDoS technology, we work with various upstreams to provide 'always-on' dedicated clean inbound connections to all customer services.

Directly Connected

We use DWDM wavelengths for all of our core backbone links to ensure stability and total manageability. We do not use GRE's or ethernet solutions from other carriers for such links.

Low Latency

Our unique blend of transit and DDoS-mitigation providers allows us to deliver low-latency links to the EMEA, USA and beyond. We combine this with direct cross connects in all our facilities.

DDoS Protection

By default, all FyfeWeb hosted VPS servers, websites, dedicated servers, and colocation are protected from DDoS attacks. We can also adjust filtering sensitivity as and when required.

Network Security

For customers who require additional security, we're able to provide managed firewalls, private VLANs, L2VPN connections between all of our data centres and more.

Monitoring & Alerting

Monitored 24 hours a day by our Network Operations Centre, our team actively notified if there are any anomalies (such as link failures, BGP sessions down, DDoS Attacks etc)

World-class Hardware

We only use Juniper equipment at the core and edge of our network. This simplifies manageability, compatibility and security of all devices, and imposes uniformity across the network.

Learn more about our data centres.

Visit our data centre page to learn more about the security, reliability and design of our data centres.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we've included some of the frequently asked questions we get. Still have further questions that need clarification? Get in touch, we'd be more than happy to help.

In the early days, our ultimate aim was to achieve full control over our product stack. As FyfeWeb evolved into a service provider over the years, we naturally ventured into establishing our own network, which allows us to offer dedicated servers and colocation services to our customers without breaking the bank.

We typically offer only 1Gbps or 10Gbps network ports at the moment, however we can always aggregate them using LACP/802.3ad. For example, if you wanted a 2Gbps network port - we could combine 2x 1Gb ports into a 2Gbps Virtual Interface.

Yes, we're able to offer IP transit services, either by providing a BGP session or a static route.

Yes, we can announce your own IP addresses for use with our dedicated server hosting or data centre colocation services.

We provide DDoS protection on all of our services, for no additional charge. This uses the GTT Corero Smartwall platform, which has a large global filtering capacity. We don't redirect on-attack either, all traffic flowing into the network is filtered 24/7/365 and automatically inspected for attacks. This means that the time to mitigate an attack is under one second. Further to this, we have our own cross connects in our London Edge Data Centres and no GRE tunnels, which ensures consistent reliability and performance with zero overheads.