About Us

We're glad that you want to learn about us. We strive to provide clients with reliable and competitively priced services.

Our Mission

Ever since 2013, we've always wanted to provide hosting services that are of a high standard. We aim to ensure that we also have minimum downtime when upgrading and improving our services. We're also dedicated to protecting your data - and so we are operated by a reliable and dedicated team.

Why choose us?

At FyfeWeb we take the safety and security of our own and client infrastructure incredibly seriously. Since we operate all our own infrastructure, we pride ourselves in maintaining the strictest digital and physical securities to keep you and your data secure - and that's the FyfeWeb difference.

Our Vision

We believe that everyone should be given the chance to enjoy high quality hosting services, such as easy to use web hosting or remote desktop services. People should also have total control over their data. FyfeWeb is leading the way in hosting data control for clients, and we're not stopping anytime soon.

Access our Hosting Services

We specialise in a breadth of high quality hosting services for both consumer and business. Select a product category to order here.

Remote Desktop Services

RDS, otherwise known as Software Hosting, enables you to run Node.js based apps in the background. Or, use it as a replacement of your PC since software such as Microsoft Office and Photoshop is accessible.

Encrypted Cloud Storage

With our cloud storage, files are safely stored on our secure file servers and are automatically encrypted. The files you store on here are synced with the ones that are available Remote Desktop Services.

Plesk Hosting Login

Use our Plesk web hosting platform to easily set up new websites, accounts, e-mail addresses and DNS entries through a web-based interface. PHP and WordPress is fully supported.

cPanel Hosting Login

cPanel Hosting is more advanced compared to our Plesk Hosting - but is very robust. It enables you to manage websites, email and use our one-click installer to install thousands of scripts such as WordPress.

Support Helpdesk

If you're a client, you'll get dedicated support. From resetting lost passwords to recovering data via our backup systems, we'll be able to help you.

Hosted Exchange Email

Access your @fyfeweb.com email or other enterprise-class email services hosted by us. Also, you can access our instant messaging service (Skype for Business) by using our Remote Desktop Service.

Order services and perform actions on your account here

FyfeWeb Advanced easily enables clients to sign-up for our services and receive support - whilst providing complete automation to our hosting services.


We've grown significantly since our release in 2013.






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FyfeWeb is ran by a determined team, with a true passion for the industry, and for helping others.

Jaden Fyfe

Managing Director & Chief Executive

Jaden's main responsibility is to manage all of the companies infrastructure, and to ensure that business operations are smooth. He also looks after clients, ensuring that there are no issues with their services.

Connor McDonald

Director of Hosting Services

Connor oversees all projects that go on at FyfeWeb, including the management of our infrastructure, data protection and security. He's been with us since 2018, and is deeply interested in improving services for local businesses and consumers alike.

Joshua Cutting

Data Resilience and Disaster Recovery Manager

Josh manages all of our system backups and remote data recovery/restoration for servers. He also designs and maintains our Disaster Recovery Plans - which are critical to any hosting and service provider.

Cameron Armstrong

1st Line Support Lead

In this role, Cameron oversees all of our IT Support protocols and procedures. Further to this, he maintains all of our knowledgebase articles - and hands support requests over to the relevant team members.

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Email us to find out more about our products and services. Or, just open a support request.