Core Network Details

  • Overall Capacity: 10Gbps+
  • Equipment Vendor: Juniper Networks
  • Security & Protection: Path Networks 3.5Tbps DDoS Mitigation
  • Key Peerings: Cloudflare, Google, Amazon, BT, Microsoft
  • IP Transit Providers: Telia Carrier, VeloxServ Communications
  • Designed for: Low-latency and high-bandwidth with zero contention

All of our services utilise a high-quality network blend

FyfeWeb utilises a high-speed MPLS enabled network spanning multiple UK datacentres, designed for redundancy, speed, and security. All of our Points of Presence have multiple failover routes to the internet with all intersite connections at a minimum of 10Gb/s. We utilise the latest Juniper MX routers at the edge of our network, directly connected to Juniper EX series core switches. Our entire network is also multi-homed, providing the utmost redundancy and reliability.

We also utilise multiple 10Gb/s uplinks to some of the best Tier 1 transit providers, which include Telia Carrier and NTT. Further to this, peering at the London Internet Exchange is utilised with other providers such as Microsoft, BT, Google, and Cloudflare. This effectively means that we have the best available routes and minimal latency when sending and receiving traffic to other ISP core networks. Furthermore, the unique blend of transit providers allows us to deliver low-latency links to the US and beyond.

As well as our core-level intelligent anti-DDoS technology, we work with Path to provide 'always-on' dedicated clean inbound connections to all customer services. Whether you're considered at risk or just wish to exercise added service protection, our DDoS protected network offers peace of mind. By default, all FyfeWeb hosted VPS servers, websites, dedicated servers, and colocation are protected from DDoS attacks. For customer deployments that need additional protection, we can increase filtering sensitivity as and when required.