Data Centre Specification

  • Power: Dual-fed Substation, N+N UPS Protection & Backup Generator Power Protection
  • Cooling: High capacity N+1 Hybrid CRAC & Free Cooling with enclosed cold aisle containment
    which on average delivers a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.3.
  • Connectivity: Juniper Networks-based, Multi-homed 10Gbps+ MPLS Network with IPv4 & IPv6
    fully enabled and carrier neutral data centres which include multiple diverse entry points and
    a number of independent incoming fibre ducts ensuring complete diversity into the buildings.
    You can use our multi-homed 10Gbps+ MPLS Network, or bring in your own connectivity.
  • Security Protection: Data Centres we use are highly-secure facilities, which comply with
    strict security standards. All visitor activity is tracked via HD CCTV & ANPR Cameras, Proximity
    Access Control and movements monitored to ensure all data and equipment remains safe
    around the clock.
  • Fire Protection: Fire and smoke detection systems are installed throughout all data centres
    to act as an early warning system to any potential fire developing. FM200 fire extinguishing
    gaseous suppressant is used in all data halls. FM200 is non-destructive to the equipment
    and safe for human exposure.
  • Facilities: Free Parking, WiFi, Refreshments, Workbenches and on-site Meeting Rooms.

Data Centres

FyfeWeb is privately owned and operated. We provide UK Data Centre Colocation, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Managed Security as well as cPanel & Plesk-based Web Hosting. All data centres we use have been vetted to ensure compliance with our own internal requirements, which includes data centre operators we use being ISO 27001 & 9001 accredited.

Sukant Ratnakar once said: "Our future success is directly proportional to our ability to understand, adopt, and integrate new technology into our work." We combine our diverse service portfolio, extensive experience and training and relationships within the industry to bring you a complete end-to-end solution that addresses the exact requirements of your business, allowing you to reach your full potential.

With FyfeWeb Data Centre Colocation Services, you place your equipment into one of our data centres and we and our partners look after the costly supporting infrastructure (including power, cooling, connectivity, and physical security). We work very closely with businesses, almost as an extension to their own team, so as their needs grow, they can scale and work with us accordingly.